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Talk templated marketing to me

How do you make the creative process more effective across four European markets, and equally many marketing teams, while still maintaining brand cohesion? 


That was the challenge served to us and we solved it with a templated approach to our marketing.


...and with a team of scrappy designers, a new in-house studio, one camera, and some lighting. And lots, and lots of coffee.


I lead our team of designers to build out a design system for our paid social B2C marketing that would work for our physical and digital offering, along with a suite of new images. 

Creative team: 

Thomas Nguyen (Creative lead and photographer)

Hilda Englund (Designer and illustrator)

Max Kjellberg (Designer)


The framework

Our key words for the new design system were flexibility, scalability, and a global approach. 


The foundation of the design system was a modular system where we broke every asset into two blocks regardless of dimension or size.


This modular system created boundaries within which our designers could use all graphic brand assets available to them, while still giving them freedom to create whatever each brief requested. 

The content

The second part to this project was to build out our image library based on our photography concept 'Close to you'.

For this system to fulfil its complete potential we needed content that wasn’t dependent on costly shoots or pricey image rights extensions.

For the new design system we shot a total of 535 new photos. All done in-house.