'Dreams' is a savings app designed around the human behavior to make saving more friendly.  This is a complete re-work of their brand identity and app giving the brand a warmer and a more human touch.


The most important aspect of this project was adding the friendly touch without being literal. this meant a large color palette in softer tones that leaned towards pastel. The brand colors were inspired by starry skies in that moment when the sun is setting but not so much that it's dark; the most inspiring time of the day.

Complete re-work of the Dreams app. The main purpose of the new design apart from implementing the new branding was to improve overview and reduce taps for a more streamlined user experience. My proposal shows an overview of all dreams and the possibility to start a new dream on the home page. 

Changing your triggers is now possible directly in the savings overview, only one tap away from the home page.  Editing information is only two taps away.

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