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Run for Syria

'Run for Syria' is a running challenge in partnership between Fitbit and Visa that helps runners help Syrian refugees held up in camps by Gevgelija in northern Greece after the 2011 Syrian humanitarian crisis.


'Run for Syria' is based on the simple insight that it's easier to keep your motivation up if you have a goal in mind. So the goal for 'Run for Syria' became the completion of the distance of 512km and helping those in need. This is the same distance refugees cover by foot from southern Greece to Gevgelija in the north.


Fitbit's wristbands and app track the runners' metrics, and for each kilometer completed the runner automatically donates €1 to a refugee through a Visa Prepaid card handed out by UNCHR staff at the camps. With 'Run for Syria' the simple task of running becomes a financial support to someone in need. 

This project is close to my heart as a son of former refugees myself.


Role: Concept, art direction, design, animation

Merit: Clio Sports Bronze

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