Staying true

to the SEA

We got to breathe new life into a brand with an incredible history that had lost some of its shine with the concept 'True to the sea'. It's more than just saying, it's a new commitment to the place the brand was created for.

The brief was to bring Henri Lloyd into the future without neglecting their legacy. Our approach with the new communication concept was re-discovery rather than re-invention. 'True to the sea' brought the brand back to its origin when their famous oilskin was worn by the first man who single-handedly circumnavigated the globe in 1969.

Role: Concept, art direction, design

A brand IDENTITY shaped by the sea

We started with giving the Henri Lloyd brand a refresh. While 'True to the sea' became the brand concept, the brand refresh was inspired by the elements of the sea. Doing so we connected the brand to the sea in a literal sense.

Wordmark and logo shaped by water | With time the waves of the sea can polish even the sharpest rocks into smoothest spheres. We applied that thought to the new wordmark and polished off the serifs in the old logo.


Colors transformed by the sun |  The updated brand colors show a deeper hue of blue, a vibrant orange and a new complementary gradient that mimics the way sun-exposure changes colors over time.

The title of the brand book is treated with a coating that protects it from the sun. The rest of the cover fades over time through sun exposure.

Patterns created by the wind | The final element, wind, inspired the dynamic pattern we created. Similarly to how water and sail change shape with the wind, our pattern is also ever-changing.

A brand experience true to the sea | We created a physical experience that brought the consumers closer to the sea with a floating pop-up store...
...and environmentally friendly packaging true to the sea: waterproof "plastic" packaging made out of cornstarch that dissolves in water.