For me 2020 has been a particularly isolating experience as I've been practicing social distancing in a country and culture that practiced it well before a pandemic hit. As I tried to process this experience I wanted to find a way to 

1) connect with the people in my life and 2) get my creative juices flowing after months in one space. 

What this pandemic did was shrink my world to a tiny physical space after so many years of travelling. The friends I've been fortunate to have gotten to know over the years became my window to places beyond my tiny apartment. I asked nine of them to describe their mindset and how they felt in a couple of words and those words became my brief. 

This project gave me perspective and showed me how differently we all experience and deal with this pandemic.


Ali | Taipei

Amanda | Los Angeles

Lola | Berlin

Darien | San Francisco

More coming soon ❃