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The first poem created on Instagram Stories

Culture and art is a subject often out of reach for people with immigrant backgrounds in the suburbs of Stockholm. 

So when Vällingby Centrum, a shopping and town center in the suburb of Vällingby, wanted to highlight their cultural activities available to visitors we had to think of a way that took the highbrow out of culture and made it more accessible. 

Our solution was the first ever poem created on Instagram Stories to offer people a simple and interactive way to engage with something they normally wouldn't come in contact with. 

This was a collaboration with the young poet Mona Monasar, a local to Vällingby herself, and the thousands of followers on Vällingby Centrum's Instagram account. Each day for two weeks their followers voted on a new line to the poem. The final result became "Västerort", a poem about the creative energy thriving in the diversity of Vällingby often overlooked by the gatekeepers of high culture in the inner city.

Creative team:

Thomas Nguyen (Art director)

Marie Liljegren (Copywriter)



Vällingby is a small city in the city
Existing in its own oasis
Stadsteatern and Kulturhuset cast
Their shadow over Västerort’s soul
Plays like Svaret and book panels every Monday
Who are more cultural than us
Arrived on my own five days a week
For school my entire childhood
To read and analyse Strindberg
And Moberg old dead writers

We live in the neighbourhood where culture is ever present
And alive not a frozen relic
Where the neighbourhood’s best poets are crowned and where dancers

sweep onto the stages that belong to the elite
What we read in the classroom is
part of our daily lives, we do it together
For all the kids who one day will have
Cultural figures to read about and choose among
Like a smorgasbord
In Västerort they only write about those who passed away

We forget about the life that lives in every step
So we’ll breathe life into Västerort
With each word, with each song lyric
We know how to carry on
And with every vein of creativity
We’re a step closer 
For in a place like Västerort death can’t push out life
It’s not a wish it’s the truth
Because culture lives here

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