The first POEM created on

Instagram Stories

Culture and art is a subject often out of reach for people with immigrant backgrounds in the suburbs of Stockholm. 

So when Vällingby Centrum, a shopping and town center in the suburb of Vällingby, wanted to highlight their cultural activities available to visitors we had to think of a way that took the highbrow out of culture and made it more accessible. 

Our solution was the first ever poem created on Instagram Stories to offer people a simple and interactive way to engage with something they normally wouldn't come in contact with. 


This was a collaboration with the young poet Mona Monasar, a local to Vällingby herself, and the thousands of followers on Vällingby Centrum's Instagram account. Each day for two weeks their followers voted on a new line to the poem. The final result became "Västerort", a poem about the creative energy thriving in the diversity of Vällingby often overlooked by the gatekeepers of high culture in the inner city.

Role: Concept, art direction