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Livi France - "How much of the genitals are we allowed to show?"

Our 2022 brand campaign in France (where Kry is known as Livi).

The creative starting point was for every marketing asset to add value for the viewer. Together with our French marketing team we decided on STDs, endometriosis, smoking, and difficulty to focus as our subjects to create educational assets around.

The end product was 20s, 10s, and 6s videos, stills, paid and organic content, and radio across the entire marketing funnel. The complete list of deliverables amounted to 100+ assets.

Creative team:

Thomas Nguyen (Art director and creative lead)

Linda Molin (Senior motion designer)

Richard Hallberg (Copywriter, English)

Melvin Karnock (Designer)


The Focus assets acted as guided focus exercises to help people relax through various prompts; "What is the color of the dot?", "What shape does it have?" etc.

For Smoking we chose to talk about the benefits of quitting smoking rather than the effects of smoking, and how quickly the body actually gets better once you do decide to quit.

For STD we decided to do create a challenge out of the assets testing the French viewers' knowledge about STDs (research shows it's quite low once you look at individual STDs and not at the category as a whole). 

Finally, for endometriosis our purpose with this was to highlight how normal the condition actually is. Too many women suffer in silence thinking their pain is normal when it's not. 

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