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The Fentanyl album

The biggest challenge when doing an awareness campaign is that people don’t like being lectured. Spoken at. So to raise awareness about a drug that is 30-50 times more toxic than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine we turned to the simple insight that many of the street names of fentanyl sound like name of rap songs.

The Fentanyl Album features underground rappers from heavily affected areas in the US with songs about fentanyl in collaboration with Spotify and Genius. The title and lyrics of each song express an issue caused by the drug, informing listeners of the dangers where they least expect it.

Role: Concept, art direction, design, animation

Merit: Young Glory Bronze


Each song is dedicated to a specific issue brought on by fentanyl. In the Genius tab, instead of song lyrics, listeners find more background information about each issue, all available one swipe away.

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