Meet me at STUDIO 48

Our in-house studio at Ruth was lovingly named Studio 48 (after our street) and was converted from a conference room. One camera, two studio lights, a couple of backdrops, a few benches, and the unusual experience of blasting Spotify Christmas playlists in early October.


These are a few of the shoots I've art directed and photographed in the studio for Vällingby Centrum and Port 73, two shopping centers located in Stockholm. Operating on a seasonal schedule we created a new creative and visual concepts each winter, spring, summer and fall. 


The Expensive Collection was a charitable concept and physical pop-up store created for Vällingby Centrum in collaboration with the non-profit Stockholm Stadsmission.


Instead of pushing the usual spring sales we increased everything sold in the store at a 10kr premium added to the regular retail price. All profits were donated to Stockholm Stadsmission. 


The mission of Port 73 is to be the everyday hero to the people shopping there. So to make it easier for everyone to enjoy spring to its fullest we created spring kits for every imaginable situation; from a date in the park to the surprise spring shower. (And I was finally able to cross off hand model from my bucket list)


The everyday hero was a topic we stayed close to in a lot of the things we did for Port 73. In the 2018 Christmas campaign for them the concept was the holiday surprise; we all know Christmas happens every year but we're still blind sided by it every december 23rd and we're nowhere near done with our lists. 

Instead of showing how Port 73 could be of help, we wanted show in which situations Port 73 could be of help as a shopping center and its variety of shops.


The following year we chose to shift gears a bit with Port 73. Instead of being practical in how we worked with their everyday hero mission we wanted to show the non-traditional ways of celebrating Christmas; Christmas on a sunny beach or a day that you celebrate twice  because of your family situation.